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Quilting Services

Tips for Preparing Your Quilt

  • Backing should be 6-8”longer and wider then your quilt top.

  • Quilt top and back should be fully pressed.  You may use spray on sizing or light starch when pressing.

  • Please mark the quilt top if it is directional.

  • Assure all seams are secure.  Staystitch an 1/8” around the edge of your quilt.

  • If backing is seamed, remove the selvage edge.  Use a 1/2” seam and press open, this will result in a flatter seam.

  • Backing should be washed and pressed - this helps eliminate any bearding.  

All quilting costs are considered on the size of the quilt:

L  -  ______  x  W  -  ______  =  _____  sq in


I do mainly custom quilting believing that the quilting makes the quilt.

While that is the case, I will follow  your wishes and directions on quilting your quilt.

EDGE TO EDGE  -  $.035 - .045 sq in.

             This includes all free hand or robotic meandering, without customized quilt top enhancement.


STITCH IN THE DITCH  -  additional $.01 sq inCUSTOM QUILTING  -  $.045  - .06 sq in

             This includes all  computerized quilting.

PATTERN DESIGN  -  $15 per design individualized and drawn for your quilt.

PREP AND CONSULTATION  -  $15 per quilt

             This includes trimming the quilt if requested.

THREAD  -  % of cone @ $5.00,  $. 75 a bobbin

             I use Glide tri-lobal thread.  I do not charge to make color changes, only the cost for the thread.  I usually use different colors on the top and bottom, but have no problem using the same on front and back.


BATTING  -  I will use most any batting you provide.  Otherwise I will provide the batting.  These prices are subject to change.


              Poly: $9.77  -  22.82

              Heirloom Cotton 80/20: $11.24  -  9.76

              Heirloom, Black 80/20:  queen $31.99

              Tuscany Silk:  $49.99  -  59.99

              Heirloom Wool:  $33.45  -  46.64


              Cotton blend 80/20:  $21.99  -  34.99

              Cotton blend 70/30:  $32.99  -  39.99

              Poly black  -  Select:  queen $31.99

              Poly Select:  $14.99  -  34.99

              Poly Request:  $13.99  -  39.99


              I’m sorry I do not offer binding services.


Minimum charge of $60 per quilt


Washington sales tax will be applied to the final amount.



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