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Upcycle those jeans

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

I've been meaning to get this started for some time. So here it goes!

What is needed to make this quilt:

Jeans or denim cut into 8" circles - you know those jeans that no longer fit

fabric scraps sewn into 51/2" squares, I'm using 60 degree triangles that my daughter over cut for a quilt for my granddaughter

scrap batting cut into 5 1/2" squares

I will be collecting these as I sew and quilt other quilts, remember we are upcycling all those scraps.

Check back next week to see how to get started.



Sorry, I haven't been back for awhile, but let's get started.

I found that I was able to cut at least six - 8" circles for each pair of jeans. You can use a plate or any item that will give the size circle you want.

So it's time to cut. I was able to used a rotary cutter around my circle template, but you can use scissors, but will need to mark each circle.

I marked these jeans showing how to get the most from each pair of jeans.


Time to get the circles ready to be sewn together.

Fold each circle in half, trying to keep the grain on bias.

Press each side of this fold, mark with a permanent pen at edge on the wrong side. Then fold again matching the pressed/ink marks together. Press again and mark again.

Draw lines on the wrong side of the fabric between marks as shown in the picture. These will be your seam lines.

Hope you are enjoying the process and using up all those old jeans! See you soon.

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Debi Snyder
Debi Snyder
24 jul 2019

This is what each individual block of mine will look like. We will be sewing the denim circles together, then place the batting and scrap block on as it is quilted. So no binding to sew on. I plan on making mine about 60" square. So I will need approximately 121 blocks.

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