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Heart of the Sierra's

The Heart of the Sierras I have been wanting to make a quilt from my pictures of Yosemite Falls, this challenge was just the thing to push me to do it. I used Photoshop Elements to combine two pictures, taken two years apart.  I had a beautiful sunny day on 6/28/13, but the Sierras had very little snow pack so the falls were very slim.  On 6/25/11 I took a picture from the same place, but the snow pack was normal and lasted well into the spring, so the falls were fuller.  I took the falls from 2011 and placed them in a layer on top of the falls of 2013.  So I ended up with beautiful sunny day and high volume water in the falls.  From there I posterized the final picture, cropped it, made my pattern. The quilt is all done in raw edge fusible applique.  Black translucent Setacolor fabric paint, extremely diluted, for the water spray on the cliffs.
2016 Kitsap Quilters challenge quilt

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