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Antique quilt

This year I hope to finish more projects than I start. That means if I start 3 projects, I'll just need to finish 4. I better get my UFO list up, as a reminder, or I'll never stay on track!

First quilt I'll be finishing will be an antique patchwork (probably from the 1930's),getting a new chance on live. I found it in amongst some of my grandmother's linens in the early 70's. I originally sandwiched it with polyester batting, gold colored flat bed sheet, and used gold colored worsted weight yarn to tie it in 1973.

About 10 years ago I took that all apart. Sandwiched it with a heavy cotton batting and a bleached muslin backing - I started hand quilting, but didn't like the backing, plus I was going to have to put pieces of similiar fabric behind the pieces that have been loved to death.

This time I took the hand quilting out. Found a beautiful blue wide-back, a little darker then I wanted, but it will work. Ditched the cotton batting, to use wool batting. Layed the original bleached muslin on top of the wool batting and then the patchwork top. It's being machine quilted and the muslin is stabilizing the quilt easily!

This quilt has a lot of love and hugs left in it. It has never been a wallflower. It's been used and loved for the 50 years I have had the honor of having it to call mine. I started my adult live with it. It has been washed at laundromats and small household washers, it has traveled through 16 years, and put up with 2 girls as they were growing up.


I loved sitting with this quilt and trying to see if there were any identical patches

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